飞艇人工在线计划稳-这两队摆脱外援依赖还算可以 申花引本土收获回报

   Manuscript source: Southern Metropolis Daily app


   On the evening of September 28, the first stage of the two-month Chinese Super League ended. Group A's Guangzhou Evergrande, Jiangsu Suning, Shandong Luneng, Shanghai Shenhua and Group B's Shanghai SIPG, Beijing Guoan, Chongqing Dangdai, Hebei Huaxia will compete in the championship group, they will compete in the Suzhou Division for the championship of this special season, and the rest Eight teams will fight for relegation in the Dalian Division. Many years later, when it comes to the most intensive schedule in history, the completely closed environment, and the game system that is very different from the past, what will everyone first think of?

9月28日晚上,为期两个月的中国超级联赛的第一阶段结束。 A组的广州恒大,江苏苏宁,山东鲁能,上海神华和B组的上海SIPG,北京国安,重庆当代,河北华夏将参加冠军组的比赛,他们将在苏州赛区争夺本赛季的冠军,并且其余八支球队将在大连分区保级。多年以后,当谈到历史上最密集的时间表,完全封闭的环境以及与过去截然不同的游戏系统时,每个人都会首先想到什么?

Affected by the epidemic, many foreign players of the teams failed to participate in the team’s pre-season training, and even unable to rush back to the competition area in time. For example, the five foreign players of the Chongqing team only returned to China two days before the start of the match. At the beginning stage, the entire Chinese class had to fight for three full rounds. But in the end, Caldek and Adrian jointly contributed 13 goals and 8 assists to help the team play 5 consecutive victories and advance to the championship group.


   On September 16, Chongqing Contemporary player Adrian (left) celebrated with his teammate Cyrino during the match. On the same day, in the 11th round of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Football Association Super League (Suzhou Division), Chongqing Modern Team defeated Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang 3-0. Issued by Xinhua News Agency


   The final data shows that foreign aid is the eye-catching thing. Hebei Huaxia's Maer Kang unexpectedly ranked first in the scorer list, tied with Bakambu for 11 goals. The presence of Goolat, who was temporarily on loan to join the team before the start of the game, helped him a lot.

最终数据表明,外国援助是引人注目的事情。河北华夏的梅尔·康(Maer Kang)出人意料地在得分手名单中排名第一,与巴卡姆布(Bakambu)并列11个进球。比赛开始前暂时被借来加入球队的古拉特(Goolat)在场对他有很大帮助。

The first round of the Chinese Super League "Hebei Derby" staged a hot scene of 8 yellows and 1 red. Ding Haifeng, the Hebei China Fortune team, left the field in red in the 22nd minute of the first half. Wang Peng World Wave helped Yongchang take the lead. The ball equalized. Xinhua News Agency


   Evergrande’s Talisca is not in good condition. Wei Shihao was absent early due to injury. Paulinho continued to carry the team forward. 9 goals showed his efficiency, including multiple times to break the deadlock or offer lore.

恒大的塔利斯卡状态不佳。魏世浩因伤缺席。 Paulinho继续推动团队前进。 9个进球显示了他的效率,包括多次打破僵局或提供绝杀。

   On September 27, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao team Paulinho (second from right) kicked and shot. On the same day, in the 14th round of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Football Association Super League (Dalian Division), Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao defeated the Dalian People 1-0. Issued by Xinhua News Agency


   The deep-footed John Marie looks as important as Paulinho, scoring 8 goals in 11 games and his efficiency is pretty good. However, several other foreign players in Shenzu did not show the level expected by the outside world, which resulted in the overall strength of Shenzu being slightly inferior.

脚踏实地的约飞艇冠军最稳计划翰·玛丽(John Marie)看起来和鲍里尼奥(Paulinho)一样重要,他在11场比赛中攻入8球,而且他的效率还不错。但是,神足的其他几家外国公司没有表现出外界所期望的水平,这导致神足的整体实力略逊一筹。

   On August 16, Guangzhou R&F team player Zahavi (left) was training before the game. Xinhua News Agency


   The dependence on foreign aid, Guangzhou R&F and Shanghai Shenhua can get rid of. After Zahavi, the super striker who broke the CSL's single-season scoring record last year, left the team, R&F scored 7 points in three games to maintain the hope of a 4th. With Moreno and Jin Xinyu injured and Shalawei and Martins leaving the team, Shenhua squeezed into the top four by virtue of better defense and the key player Bi Jinhao. Shenhua’s signing in the domestic market has paid off.


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