On October 6, Beijing time, as the dual coach of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Team and the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, Du Feng ended his training mission for the 20-man Chinese Men’s Basketball Team and now leads the Guangdong Men’s Basketball team to the theater to watch "Winning Championship". Affirmed that the Chinese women's volleyball team and Lang Ping's guidance also continued to learn the spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team, while Yi Jianlian was absent because of his injury in the United States.


Du Feng is undoubtedly the busiest head coach in China. After leading the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team to win the 10th championship in team history, he quickly switched to the role of the Chinese Men's Basketball Coach and was responsible for the training of the Chinese Men's Basketball Team.


Now that the new season’s CBA is still ten days away, Du Feng is also returning to the Guangdong men’s basketball coach, and is also continuing to prepare for the new season’s CBA. After all, the task of the Guangdong men’s basketball team is to defend the title and complete 3 consecutive championships, which is also a team history. 11th crown.


Du Feng posted on social media a group photo of leading the Guangdong team to the theater to watch "Winning Championship". The movie that tells the story of the Chinese women's volleyball team is now showing in theaters. It is also the story of the Chinese women's volleyball team and Lang Ping's guidance. The spirit of the Chinese women's volleyball team.


Du Feng wrote in social media: Since the National Day holiday, the whole team has been insisting on training. Tonight, everyone will watch the exciting sports film "Win the Championship." Everyone is deeply infected by the details presented on the screen. The perseverance and tenacity represented by the "Women's Volleyball Spirit", the ideals and beliefs inherited, not only empathize with sports people, but also believe that every audience can be enlightened. It should be our attitude to life to face difficulties and never give up.


Du Feng also highly praised Lang Ping's guidance: As a coach, I will pay great attention to Lang Ping's views, and each of them is very rewarding.


Du Feng also highly praised Lang Ping's golden sentence: For example, after leading the team to win the Rio Olympics in 2016, she said a big truth, "The spirit of the women's volleyball team has always been there, but the spirit alone cannot win, and you must be skilled." In the arena, stronger performance is always needed. This is also the goal and motivation for athletes to work hard on the training ground day after day and year after year. To "do a good job every day", you need to be your best self every day! "

杜峰还高度赞扬郎平的金句:例如,带领团队赢得2016年里约奥运会冠军后,她说了一个大道理:“女排的精神一直存在,但仅凭这种精神就无飞艇冠军最稳计划法获胜,而且您必须熟练。”在舞台上,始终需要更强的性能。这也是运动员日复一日,年复一年在训练场上努力工作的目标和动力。为了“每天做好”,您需要每天成为自己最好的自我! ”

Guangdong men's basketball team will lack Yi Jianlian in the new season. As the absolute core leader, Yi Jianlian is also absent from watching the movie. He is still in the United States to recuperate and will basically miss the CBA league in the new season. Whether Du Feng can lead Guangdong to complete the defending title is expected .


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