飞艇冠军最稳计划:上港小组赛盘点:争议声中登顶 外援依赖症越发严重


With 10 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, SIPG got the first place in the group as expected. Although the refereeing controversy surrounding SIPG is very controversial, from an overall point of view, SIPG is indeed the team with the strongest overall strength and the most stable performance in Group B, which originally lacks strong teams, and it deserves its name.


At the beginning of the group stage, SIPG had a smooth run and beat TEDA and China Fortune Land. However, in the third round, they relied on a controversial penalty at the last minute to narrowly drew the newly promoted Qingdao Huanghai. Then in the fourth round, there was another controversial penalty. The reversal defeated Zall. Since then, the dispute over SIPG's penalty has been around their entire group stage until they defeated Guoan in the 13th round. vertex. This is also the biggest pain point of the SIPG group stage: they do benefit from more penalties, but this makes the outside world ignore their true strength.


The crucial sixth round was the Shanghai SIPG's rectification battle. They reversed Guoan 2-1. After a big victory over Chongqing and overtaking TEDA, SIPG entered the fast lane again. However, in the 9th round, SIPG lost 0-2 to China Fortune Land Development and suffered its first defeat in the league. Fortunately, SIPG adjusted quickly and immediately won a wave of four consecutive victories, securing the top spot in the group. Especially in the penultimate round, they beat Guoan by one goal and achieved a double kill against the group's main opponent. In the last round, SIPG lost to Chongqing by one goal in the absence of desire, and it tasted a second loss.


From the group stage, SIPG scored 26 goals and lost 11 goals. The number of goals ranked third in the Super League. The defense only lost 11 goals, tied for first place with Luneng.


Since last season, SIPG coach Pereira has been swinging between the three-back and the four-back. His three-back style helped SIPG win the Super Cup last season, but it also lost the league title. This season, Pereira still did not give up his three-back test, but from the overall effect, it is still difficult to become a regular play in SIPG. Pereira had to return to the four-back system before SIPG found Up balance.


In the past, SIPG was criticized by the outside world for being too dependent on Hulk. This season, as Hulk left to enter the countdown and SIPG changed his style of play, Pereira paid more attention to the connection between Oscar and Anautovic and created a new combination, which became the key to activating SIPG’s offense. In addition, although the new aid Lopez drove high and low, Pereira also found him a more accurate position. The two internal aids, Maitijiang and Yu Rui, also played an important role. It can be said that Pereira's rotation in the group stage was relatively successful, which not only ensured SIPG's results, but also avoided the injury of the team's owner.


From the group stage point of view, at the beginning, SIPG’s key player was Lopez. He scored 4 goals in the first two rounds, but fell silent afterwards. In the final stage, SIPG’s key player was Hulk. From the 10th to the 13th, Hulk scored 3 goals in 4 games. Lopez and Hulk are both players who are good at personal breakthroughs. They can break their opponents' defenses on their own. When they are in good shape, they can become SIPG's surprise soldiers.


The real core of SIPG is the combination of Oscar and Anau. Oscar scored 5 goals and 8 assists, once again leading the Chinese Super League assists list, Anautovic scored 7 assists and 1 time, becoming SIPG's top scorer. Whenever SIPG is in adversity, Oscar and Anautovic can always come forward and save the team, reflecting the value of core players. On the back line, Wang Shenchao also played a key role. He scored 3 goals and assisted 2 times. It is worth noting that among SIPG's local players, he was the only one who scored goals. Both Li Shenglong and Lu Wenjun, who played bench killers in previous years, It was a missed goal.


SIPG has only conceded 11 goals in the group stage, tied with Luneng for first place in the Super League. However, SIPG’s defense is not as solid as a rock. Compared with other strong teams, SIPG is the only team that has no foreign aid on the defense line. It has limited personal ability and can only rely on the whole team to help defend. Judging from the goals lost in the SIPG group stage, they are more afraid of the impact of high center forwards. After all, SIPG's domestically-made defenders do not have an air dominance. When they encounter a strong center, they suffer a bit in physical confrontation.


In addition, although SIPG has scored a lot of goals, many of them are penalty kicks. Many of them have been awarded penalties at the last moment, which is a main reason for their constant controversy. This also reflects that SIPG still lacks sufficient offensive methods even when it is backward. In the past, SIPG would rely on Hulk’s personal breakthrough once it could not start the situation. But from the perspective of this season, Hulk can be described as a double-edged sword. His breakthrough is still sharp, but he puts too much emphasis on the individual. The negative impact of the team's offense is not small, it depends on how Pereira adjusts. Moreover, SIPG needs to inspire the power of substitute killers. Li Shenglong and Lu Wenjun, who have repeatedly saved the team in the past years, also need to play a greater role. SIPG’s local players cannot only score goals by Wang Shenchao, everyone else needs it. stand out.

此外,尽管SIPG取得了很多进球,但其中许多都是罚球。他们中的许多人都在最后时刻被判处罚款,这是他们不断引起争议的主要原因。这也反映出,即使落后,SIPG仍然缺乏足够的进攻方法。过去,SIPG无法启动情况就依赖于绿巨人的个人突破。但从本赛季的角度来看,绿巨人可谓一把双刃剑。他的突破仍然很敏锐,但他过分强调个人。球队进攻的负面影响不小,这取决于佩雷拉如何调整。此飞艇人工在线计划稳外,SIPG需要激发替代杀手的力量。在过去的几年中多次挽救车队的李胜龙和卢文俊也需要发挥更大的作用。 SIPG的本地球员不能只靠王深超进球,其他人都需要。站出来。

In the knockout round, SIPG will face Shenhua in the first round and usher in the Shanghai Derby. Although SIPG has certain advantages, the derby, especially the two rounds of derby, is more accidental. Moreover, Shenhua will have a large number of wounded soldiers returning. The new aid has not yet demonstrated its power. What is the strength of the game is very variable.


If it passes the customs, the next round of SIPG is likely to encounter Suning Tesco. Judging from the battle record in recent years, SIPG has a certain advantage over Suning Tesco, but there is no guarantee of promotion. After all, Suning Tesco also performed very well this year. Foreign aid is powerful.


If it enters the finals, SIPG will usher in a strong dialogue. Evergrande is most likely to face SIPG. SIPG has competed with Evergrande in recent years, with each other winning and losing. The two rounds of confrontation will depend on who has done the best in the details. If SIPG can still get the favor of fate like the group stage, the hope of winning will be greater.


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