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China News Service, October 10th. On the evening of the 9th, two gold medals were decided at the 2020 National Table Tennis Championships in Weihai, Shandong.

中国新闻社,10月10日。 9月9日晚,在山东威海举行的2020年全国乒乓球锦标赛上获得了两枚金牌。

The opponents in the women's singles final are Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha, they are very familiar with each other. In the end, Chen Meng quickly defeated defending champion Sun Yingsha by 4:0. The scores of the four games were 11:2, 11:7, 12:10, 11:9.


After the game, Chen Meng said in an interview that she was very satisfied with her performance and was also very excited after winning: "Today's two games are very worthy of summing up. We all understand very well that the opponent's offensive lethality is great. I put myself in a very low state in these two games today, and I just want to fight every point."


At 8:9 in the third round, the duration of the game had reached 10 minutes. According to the rules of the table tennis game, the rotation of the serve began until the end of the round.


Data map: Sun Yingsha. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie


It is the first time for Chen Meng to encounter the situation of rotating serve. She said that although the referee's counting of the boards disturbed her rhythm, it was also a valuable accumulation of experience.


"The score in the third game has been stalemate. Suddenly, when the time comes to rotate the serve, my first ball referee called 1, and I thought it was a net. The referee would indeed interfere with counting the board, but it is also a new attempt to gain experience. , There will be more emergency preparedness in the future." Chen Meng said.


Regarding the ITTF Women’s World Cup to be held in Weihai in November, Chen Meng said that this is his first time to participate in the World Cup. He is very lucky to have this opportunity: "The championship will have doubles tomorrow. A comprehensive summary of the gains and losses, and a summary of how I reversed from a bad state and played better when fighting for the World Cup."


In the men's doubles final, the opponents were Malone/Xu Xin and Lin Gaoyuan/Liang Jingkun. This game can be said to be a contest between the current two generations of top players in the world, and the two pairs of players are also right-handed.


Data map: Ma Long and Xu Xin in the men's doubles. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita


Lin Gaoyuan/Liang Jingkun fought fiercely in the opening game. They had a slight advantage in strength and speed. They took the lead in winning the first game with 11:8. However, the subsequent game was completely controlled by Ma Long/Xu Xin, winning four games in a row at 15:13, 14:12, 11:3, 11:3, and finally won 4:1.


In an interview after the game, Ma Long said, “In recent years, young athletes have had a lot of impact. The key to winning today’s game is that we communicated more and worked hard to find changes when we were behind by big or small scores. And these changes have also played a role. The cooperation between the two of us is not only a tacit understanding, but also try our best to seek breakthroughs in technical and tactical play. We have also learned a lot from young athletes."


Xu Xin’s view is the same as that of Ma Long. He also believes that he should learn more from young athletes: “I think it is indeed necessary to learn from young athletes. They are advanced in playing style, and we do not intend to eat our roots. To further strengthen the change of play style."


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